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The DAY Programme

The DAY Programme is a unique multimedia programme that uses short films, advertisements, structured discussions and music to raise awareness and provide education which equips young people & children to recognise child sexual exploitation and abuse in a relevant and exciting way. It was originally designed for 14 year olds but because, this is a growing concern to our communities this course has been adapted for young people from the age of 11 years old.


  1. To prevent sexual exploitation and violence from happening by challenging the attitudes and behaviours which foster it and to intervene as early as possible  to prevent it.
  2. To make sure that young people understand the importance of healthy relationships, respect and are equipped and are able to utilise their right to say NO!

The goal of the programme is:

  • To give young people knowledge and understanding about exploitation, domestic abuse, it’s causes, who it happens too and it’s effects.
  • To enable young people to recognise abusive tactics and behaviours, so they can protect themselves from potentially abusive people.
  • Enable young people to recognise non abusive behaviours and therefore form healthy non abusive relationships.
  • Equip young people with where they can seek help and support for exploitation and abuse issues.
  • To build confidence and increase self esteem
The DAY Programme

The DAY Programme

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