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Parenting Courses in Luton

Parenting Courses

Let’s face it there are no schools for parenting, and we can often find it difficult to communicate with our children, even though we we once children too!
But in this ever evolving world we all recognise that things have changed and parenting is no exception.

Inspired2iNspireU offer you Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities Parenting Programme which is 13 week parenting course that will add to the knowledge you already have and equip you with different tools, techniques, and strategies that will not only change your family but it will change your community too.

It is designed for Parents of children aged 3-18 and empowers them to develop an better understanding of child development, use positive discipline techniques, promote children social skills and self discipline. STSC also aims to increase parental confidence and help parents achieve positive change in family relationships.
If you want a significant change in you home and community you can not afford not to do this course.

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