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The Power Of Me Myself & I Am

Self Empowerment for Teens

The Power of Me

As a result of taking part and doing the work on ‘The Power of Me” teenagers who have once struggled with low self esteem, self worth, and confidence; who may have been challenged by trauma, emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically, are able to see themselves with the true beauty of their internal power. Living a life with Confidence, Clarity  & Connection.

If you are feeling lost, overwhelmed,  asking

everything starts with me workshop-yvonne-sinclair … Who Am I? What is My Purpose? What do I want out of life

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If like some young people, you feel like life is living you, rather than YOU living the life you want…

You see your worth but don’t know how to bring your value out…you feel like there is something great on the inside of you that can bring you to your richness, but feel trapped….

We are hear to encourage you and let you know that EVERYTHING you need is already inside of you ….and this life changing programme that help you to unleash your brilliance!

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A self empowering workshop.