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i2iU create and deliver interactive emotional literacy  workshops. As a result of working with us our clients are able to identify positive/negative behaviour patterns, tackle and overcome internal life obstacles, build and maintain positive outcomes, manage issues at home and open up to a new world of possibility and change.

Working in partnership with schools and women’s organisations, we provide the missing link to emotional literacy, so that our clients are able to rebuild confidence & self esteem, reconstruct resilience,  redefine their lives to live a life of freedom and well being.



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Yvonne Michele is the founder of iNspired 2 iNspire U and is behaviour management and communication expert working with women and young people; she is known as the ‘Freedom CEO’ and has been featured in the Voice Newspaper, Psychologist magazine and is the No:1 chat show presenter on Luton Urban Radio.

Yvonne is multi-talented uses her life experience, professional skills as an NLP master practitioner & her expertise as a professional singer/songwriter to build life changing live and digital workshops to empower women & teens, redefine, reconstruct and redesign their lives to live an authentic empowered life of freedom and well being.





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